Case: Manufacturer Company M

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Development of a global production base network by taking advantage of the Cloud

Company M was developing production bases in various overseas locations, but it faced problems in production preparations for launching mass production. Although the products being produced at these overseas production bases would be uniform and the production processes would not change, the production volumes would vary by location. Moreover, the company had to respond to constraints in existing facilities and issues related to production worker skills by developing production center-specific process plans. It also faced management problems. For one thing, since it had no choice but to rely on its local staff, it was not able to draw up and implement appropriate process plans. Furthermore, from the perspective of the parent company in Japan, it could not control how the process planning should change. By introducing Lexer simulations, the company was able to use the Cloud to provide mother line plans from Japan, and directly control how they were incorporated at the overseas production bases. Since with these simulations it was in a position to monitor things at the plan creation level while engaging in production preparations, it could thus achieve global production preparations that were efficient and carried out at a high level of management.