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FAQs before starting GD.findi

There are three basic types of information to be used in GD.findi

1. Layout Design

2. Production flow (process steps and cycle time of each process)

3. Allocation information (which processes and operations are performed by which equipment)

Yes it does, the optimal number of workers can be found by analyzing problems and bottlenecks of the simulation. By trying several simulation conditions, it will show you the best scenario for your production line.

Yes, it is possible.

GD.findi has a variation of transporting methods including AGVs, with just a simple setting, AGV operation can be specified.

Yes, it is possible.

If you specify the production process line as a single-shot line, you can simulate a single unit.

Yes, it is. After simulating the “As-Is” workstations condition, you will be able to find out the optimal quantity of workstations by analyzing simulation results.

Yes, it is possible. We provide an application that uses GD.findi as a production scheduler.

Yes, it is possible.

Man-machine chart will be shown after the simulation results.

Yes, it is possible.

The workstations utilization rates and production lead times can be analyzed after executing simulation.

Yes, it is relevant.

The rendering time can be reduced as the performance of the PC increases.

It is possible to comprehend basic operation and modeling  with the support of our team. We provide Workshop session to help users get the most from GD.findi MS.

Yes, it is possible.

You can easily perform simulations by changing the following items

Production planning: multiple patterns of production target numbers and input order

Manpower allocation: Assignment of equipment, transfer, and setup workers and setting operating hours and holidays

Equipment layout: Equipment location, size, aisle settings, etc.

Yes, it is possible.

From the simulation results, it is possible to check the balance of the production load and analyze bottlenecks.

Yes, you can. There is a function that allows you to copy and paste information from Excel into simulation model. There is also an application which allows you to enter product information into a template file to create a whole model.

Please contact us if you are interested in the price of GD.findi service.