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GD.findi Workshop

Customers will have the opportunity to identify issues caused by model building, simulation execution or results analysis with our GD.findi experts. Throughout the Workshop, users will learn how to use GD.findi to solve practical problems in production planning. Finally, to develop independent problem-solving ability.

Recommended for: People who…

Want to solve specific problems with GD.findi.
Want to optimize production planning with GD.findi
Need support to practically implement GD.findi
Can’t create an ideal GD.findi model.
Workshop Flow
Workshop Flow
Workshop flow
Before the workshop day, our consultant will first interview the customer about current situation and then identify customer’s issues. On the workshop day, modeling and simulation will be practiced with our consultant. Finally, a discussion session will be held to evaluate the results and optimal modeling methods to meet customer’s expectation.

Duration on the Workshop day will be minimum three day.

*For more information about GD.findi modeling support, please see [Engineering Service]
If you are interested in the Workshop Service, please contact us using the contact form below.