LEXER RESEARCH’s proposal was adopted by JICA’s “SME / SDGs Business Support Project”

Promote efforts aimed at supporting training of digital engineers in Indonesia

LEXER RESEARCH Inc. (CEO Masahiro Nakamura) is promoting the implementation a digital engineering HRD program utilizing Lexer Research’s production simulator “GD.findi” with the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia as an initiative for digitization of Indonesian industry. Lexer Research’s efforts aimed at transforming Indonesia into a high-value-added industry and contributing to the Making Indonesia 4.0 policy have been adopted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the 1st of FY2020 of the dissemination/ demonstration/ commercialization project (SME support type) of the “SMEs & SDGs Business Support Project”.

JICA’s SME / SDGs business support project matches the development needs of developing countries with the excellent products and technologies of Japanese private companies, aims to solve the issues faced by businesses and developing countries that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (SDGs business), and strengthen bilateral relations and further promote economic relations through ODA. This time, Lexer Research’s efforts have been adopted as a dissemination / demonstration / commercialization project (SME support type).

Since December 2019, LEXER RESEARCH Inc. together with the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia has been promoting a digital engineering HRD program for the introduction of digital engineering technology and cyber-physical systems and the establishment of their implementation system, with the aim to strengthen and promote lean production in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the Making Indonesia 4.0 policy is underway to promote the digitization and automation of industries with the aim of breaking away from the labor-intensive industrial structure and transforming into high-value-added industries. However, in Japan, the issue is how to build a foundation system for realizing these, and, how to promote digital HRD. In response to these needs, Lexer Research Inc. has been conducting FS activities on digital HRD by utilizing the production system simulator “GD.findi” since Dec. 2019 through the JICA SDGs Project.

The adoption of this dissemination / demonstration / commercialization project (supporting SMEs) further promotes the activities so far, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia, will demonstrates this education program at educational institutions in Indonesia, and at the same time, will disseminate this educational concept and engineering technology to Indonesian industry. Here, taking advantage of the characteristics of the cloud service “GD.findi”, we will introduce it to a wide range of industries in the future while cooperating with local introduction support organizations and instructors.

Through efforts to introduce digital engineering technology, cyber-physical systems and Japanese-style manufacturing methods to the Indonesian industry, and to build a system for producing digital engineering human resources, We will contribute to the support of Indonesia’s Making Indonesia 4.0 policy, the strengthening of cooperation between Indonesia and Japan, and the achievement of the SDGs.


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